Opinion: In order to thrive economically, Maine has to compete

March 31, 2024 / Comments (0)

Maine Jobs Council

Maine’s high costs, high taxes and high regulatory burdens make it hard to succeed here.

It seems we are always hearing about efforts to improve Maine’s economy. We are constantly reading announcements about new strategies, programs, grants, campaigns, initiatives, roadmaps, recovery plans and revitalization efforts.

Why, then, does Maine continue to rank at or near the bottom of so many measures of economic health, compared to other states?

As a Maine business owner who has watched dozens of our Maine-based business customers leave or sell to out-of-state ownership, our state has failed to acknowledge one simple fact: Maine must compete against other states for people, jobs, talent and investment.

Derek VolkSpecial to the Telegram

Read the full article, or listen online here.

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