Rankings: Maine vs. Other States

How does Maine rank in comparison to other states?

How does Maine rank in comparison to other states?

Maine is in a competition with other states for jobs, workers, and investments – critical ingredients for economic growth. States that are winning this competition are more self-sufficient and better able to support families, build wealth, grow communities, and generate tax revenue to fund public services. So, how does Maine rank among the 50 states?


Maine’s economy ranks #42 (9th worst)
Source: WalletHub 2023 “Best and Worst State Economies
At $60,994, Maine’s per capita real GDP ranks #40 (11th lowest)

Business Climate

Maine’s regulatory environment ranks #48 (3rd worst)*
Maine’s business environment ranks #43 (8th worst)
Maine ranks #40 (11th worst) for cost of doing business.
Maine’s ranks #39 (12th worst) for top states for businesses.
Maine ranks #45 (6th worst) for best states to start a business in 2024.


Maine ranks #43 (8th lowest) for venture capital investment.
Maine Ranks #47 (4th worst) for Access to Capital for businesses.


Maine’s infrastructure ranks #49 (2nd worst)

Income and Wages

Total personal income in Maine ranks #42 (9th lowest).
Maine’s personal income per capita ranks #29.

Cost of Living

At 110% of the U.S. average, Maine’s cost of living ranks #39 (12th highest).
On average, Mainers spend 91% of their income, ranking the state #45 (6th highest) among states.

Health Care Costs

AT $9,531, Maine ranks #9 highest for per capita health care spending.

Energy Costs

Maine ranks #30 for energy consumption per capita, but ranks #18 highest for energy expenditures per capita.
Maine ranks #45 for energy production and net electricity generation, and #5 highest for average residential electricity prices.

Tax Burden

Maine ranks #3 highest in the nation for Overall Tax Burden

Income Tax

At a top rate of 7.15%, Maine’s top marginal income tax ranks #10 highest

Property Tax

At 5.21% of personal income, Maine’s property tax burden ranks #1 highest

Corporate and Business Taxes

At a top rate of 8.93%, Maine’s corporate tax ranks #5 highest


Top At 22.5%, Maine ranks #1 for the percentage of its population over 65
At 17.9%, Maine ranks #2 lowest for the percentage of its population under 18
Maine’s workforce ranks #43 (#8th worst)*

Job Market

Maine job market ranks #45 (6th lowest), due to low wages, few job openings and few hires

Federal Dependency

At 41% of its total state revenue, Maine ranks #13 for most reliant on federal funds
Averaging +$6,267 per capita, Maine ranks #12 among states receiving more in federal funding than it pays in federal taxes.