Maine Jobs Council Legislative Overview

A look at some of the legislation MJC has supported and opposed

Bills that MJC Supported and Became Law:

LD 1198: Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development to Convene a Working Group to Improve the State’s 10-year Economic Development Strategy

LD 1803: An Act to Improve the Maine Workers’ Compensation Act of 1992

Bills that MJC Opposed and Were Defeated:

LD 321: An Act to Create a Bill of Rights for Temporary Workers

LD 324: An Act to Prevent the Wrongful Firing of Maine Workers

LD 373: An Act to Ensure Employer and Employee Harmony in Clean Energy Development Projects

LD 667: An Act to Impose a Tax Surcharge on Certain Incomes

LD 1815: An Act to Protect Maine’s Consumers by Establishing an Abuse of Dominance Right of Action and Requiring Notification of Mergers

Bills that MJC Supported but Were Defeated:

LD 1067: Resolve, to Create the Commission to Study the Operations of the Maine Legislature

LD 1213: An Act to Reform Income Taxes by Reducing Tax Rates for Each of the 3 Income Tax Brackets

LD 1638: An Act to Lower the State’s Individual Income Tax

LD 1671: An Act to Reduce the Income Tax to 4.5 Percent on the Lowest Tax Bracket and Remove Low-income Families from Taxation

LD 1733: An Act to Require the Revenue Forecasting Committee to Prepare Economic Impact Statements for Certain Legislation

Bills that MJC Opposed and Were Passed:

LD 12: An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Severance Pay to Cover More Types of Employers and Include More Workers

LD 53: An Act to Ensure Accountability for Workplace Harassment and Assault by Removing Intentional Acts and Omissions from Workers’ Compensation Exemptions

LD 372: An Act to Increase Enforcement and Accountability for Wage and Hour Violations

LD 1896: An Act to Index Workers’ Compensation Benefits to the Rate of Inflation

LD 1964: An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Commission to Develop a Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits Program

Active Bills:

These are bills that we were active on, but are still pending in the legislature. The Legislature has not finally adjourned, so I won’t know the status of these bills until the legislature adjourns.

LD 513: An Act Regarding Overtime Protections for Certain Salaried Employees / MJC Opposed

LD 741: An Act to Prohibit Certain Training Repayment Agreements by Employers / MJC Opposed

LD 827: An Act to Allow Employees to Request Flexible Work Schedules / MJC Opposed

LD 936: An Act to Require Employers to Disclose Pay Ranges and Maintain Records of Employees’ Pay History / MJC Opposed

LD 949: An Act to Protect Workers from Employer Surveillance / MJC Opposed

LD 1190: An Act to Require Minimum Pay for Reporting to Work / MJC Opposed